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  Health Club Management Software Features  
  Increasing memberships increases revenue!

The Health Club Management System is a feature rich, web based health club software application for managing and expanding your fitness center through prospect tracking and online membership signup. These are just a couple features which produce new health club members and increased revenue.
  Here are just some of the remarkable features  that our management system provides, and we are constantly striving to add even more additional features.  
  • Club Promotions

  • Automatically Gather Prospects

  • Track Club Tours & Visits

  • Daily Classes and Schedules

  • Online Personal Training Scheduling

  • Online Massage Therapy Scheduling

  • Swim Lessons Schedules

  • Pro Shop - Ecommerce

  • Upcoming Events

  • Gift Certificates

  • Contests and Giveaways

  • Daily Business Reports

  • Monthly Safety Reports

  • Sales/Marketing Calendar

  • Daily Appointments

  • Printed Collateral/Literature

  • Projects and Tasks

  • Purchase Orders

  • Employment Opportunities

  • News Articles

  • Press Releases

  • Health & Fitness Blogs

  Below is just a brief list and explanation of some of our health club software management features, and you can also view a few example screenshots or request a free demo.

User Accounts - Administrators can easily maintain their users and individual access rights to this system so you control how your employees access and use this software.

Locations Information - Administrators can effortlessly maintain all their club locations and  mangers access to their club information. If you only own one club, you only manage a single location, but if you own or manage multiple clubs, our system gives you full control over all locations.

Employees Information - Managers are able to simply maintain their employee's information, weekly schedules and payroll. When it comes to payroll, we can customize the system to integrate with your current payroll company so you can easily import the information for each pay period.

Member Accounts - Users can easily maintain their club member's information. Also, users can control access to the Members Only section of your website which allows members to update their personal information and schedule personal training session to mention a few features.

Prospects & Contacts - Users have the ability to effectively maintain their club prospect's information along with viewing daily alerts for contacting and following up with your potential members.

Corporate Accounts - Managers and users can easily maintain their corporate accounts along with providing your corporate members with special membership rates and membership discounts.

Scheduling Managers - The Personal Training Manager is just one of the available scheduling modules that allows managers to maintain their personal trainers along with their schedules and bookings. Members can easily view the trainer's schedules and book a session with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Pro Shop Manager - Managers and users are able to quickly setup a pro shop and maintain their products for the internal and online stores. Also, there is a Pro Shop Orders Manager that lets users create new orders and manager control these internal employee pro shop orders, and all these orders can be directly emailed to the vendor. Afterwards, vendors have the ability to log into their own system to update the status of the orders.
  We just finalizing our health club management software presentation. Please remember to turn up the volume on your speakers since it includes a voice narration.. Also, you may want to view a few screenshots along with an explanation of each which will give you a better idea of the look and feel of our health club software package.  
  If you would like more information and availability about our Health Club Management System or possibly become one of many health clubs who are currently using our software FREE OF CHARGE, please feel free to contact us and someone from our company will get back to you within 24-48 hours or to request a free demonstration of our software please complete our free demo request form.  
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