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  Health Club Management Systems  
  User-Friendly Health Club Management System!

Below you will find a few screenshots of the actual health club management system along with a brief explanation of each screen. If you would like a free demonstration of the complete system, please feel free to request a demo and someone from our company will contact you within 24-48 hours to arrange a time that conveniently fits into your busy schedule.
  The first screen you see when open the Health Club Management system is the user login which provides secure access to all your data. All users must first login before accessing the system, and if anyone attempts to go directly to or bookmark a certain page, if the user is not successfully logged in, they will automatically be brought to the login screen.  
  The main menu screen allows you to quickly view an explanation and access all the sections of the health club management system, and for easier access, there's a dropdown menu system for each of the areas. Once familiar with our system, you can hide the explanations for each of the sections so that you have a simply main menu that's viewable without scrolling.  
  The Users Manager allows you to manage all your employees that have access to the system from one single page. You can readily view your users, search your users, add a new user, modify any existing user and remove a user from this one screen. When adding or editing users, you have the ability to grant the access level and permissions to the modules in the system so that user full control over one section, read-only access to another and cannot access other sections.  
  We just finalizing our health club management software presentation. Please remember to turn up the volume on your speakers since it includes a voice narration.. Also, you may want to view a few  screenshots along with an explanation of each which will give you a better idea of the look and feel of our health club software package.  
  If you would like more information and availability about our Health Club Management System or possibly become one of many health clubs who are currently using our software *free* of charge, please feel free to contact us and someone from our company will get back to you within 24-48 hours or to request a free demonstration of our software please complete our free demo request form.  
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